Grandma pickled cucumber soup


There is nothing better in cold, gray day than pickled cucumber soup like my Grandma Ula was making. Try this ultimate Polish comfort food with freshly baked buttered bread, in a diet version I am willing to skip butter 🙂


0,5 kilo of pickled cucumbers
3-4 small carrots
1 medium parsley root
small celery
6 small potatoes
2 liters of water
salt & pepper,
bay leaf, allspice
2 flat tablespoons of flour
150 ml sour cream 12%


Grate vegetables – not to thinly, or if you prefer, cut into small cubes. Cover with water, add salt, bay leaf, allspice and cook until slightly softened. Add the diced potatoes, boil until tender. In the meantime grate pickles. Add them to vegetables with potatoes and cook for 5 minutes. Mix sour cream thoroughly with flour, add two tablespoons of hot broth to “cure it” and pour into the soup. Season with salt, freshly ground pepper. Enjoy with slices of white bread.

zupa ogórkowa

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